CabCall Experts as an Inbound and Outsourcing Call Center

This article is about “Outsourcing Call Centers” ; it’s pros and specifically mentions “CabCall Experts (CCE)” as one of the leading Outsourcing and Inbound Call Center in Pakistan.


Every type of outsourcing has one thing in common and that is ; they involve hiring a third-party outside of the company for the handling of certain business.

Call center outsourcing is the business practice of contracting out call center services. Outsourcing Call centers handle all kinds of customer services problems, with respect to the requirement of the customer. Companies outsource either in-house, through a separate division, or to an outside specialist.


There are at-least, a minimum of four genuine reasons why a company would want to outsource it’s call center. They all have to do with off-loading risk to the call center specialist, instead of keeping it in-house. The following are more specifics :

  1. i) Flexibility: Call center outsourcing allows a company to be flexible to changing needs. If a business moves into a new market, it’s difficult to estimate how many call center employees to add. The same is true when the firm launches new products. The company must pay the fixed cost of the call center, even if the expansion doesn’t earn enough revenue. When it outsources the call center, the company only pays for the time employees spend on the phone.
  2. ii) Expansion to International Markets: When a company expands to foreign markets, it must have local call centers. The staff must understand the culture and speak the language. An outsourced call center can handle that problem on an as-needed basis.
  1. iii) Responsiveness: Companies often have spikes in their business, such as those during the holiday season. It’s difficult to train, hire, and then lay off workers for those few months when demand is higher. A company that outsources its call center contracts out those risks.
  2. iv) Customer Service: The telecommunications infrastructure becomes worn, unreliable, or outdated. Maintaining it is costly, and replacing it even more so. An outdated system can reduce competitiveness. An outsourced call center brings with it the latest technology. The business can then focus on innovation in its goods and services.

CabCall Experts (CCE)

CabCall Experts (CCE) is one of the leading Outsourcing and Inbound Call Center in Pakistan. We provide call answering and Cab dispatching services to taxi and transportation companies to major parts of UK & USA. CabCall Experts assures quality to the max by providing expert and professional agents to the respective companies and does not have any below average team-member.



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